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Valentine's - Best First Date Stories

- Posted on: 12/02/2023 - $itemValue.title

To celebrate Valentine's Day this year we asked you to share some of your best first date stories and you didn't disappoint!


Here's a roundup of the best stories we received... thanks for sharing the love!!



Best date ever was many, many years ago going up Nelsons Pillar. My enthusiastic boyfriend (later my husband) said it would be great !!!! so I agreed, and himself led the way up all those steps with me “TAGGING”behind 😂. Boy was he huffing and puffing 😮‍💨 as he made his way up, and I was having a good giggle behind him. 54 years later he is still huffing and puffing😮‍💨 but I think he could manage a nice romantic dinner for two ❤️



Our best dates ever were nights out in Naas when we went to Lawlors, then Haydens then the Capri for chips 🤣👌🏼



First date was a blind date fixed up by my husband’s friend/work colleague Owen,who passed him a note saying "found someone for you to take to “The Harvest Ball” in Rush",she’s 5ft2ins, blue eyes, black hair. Got married 4 & 1/2 years later in 1969.



Our first date was a blind date and we said we'd meet in Lawlor's for a drink. I arrived and after waiting for 10 minutes I texted to ask if he was running late, he replies that he's at the bar with a drink. I reply that I'm at the bar with a drink... He was in the hotel bar and I was in the Random Inn, both wondering if we had been stood up! Still the best first date ever... once we found each other! ❤️


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