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Lawlor’s Wedding Trends for 2023

- Posted on: 15/01/2023 - $itemValue.title

Every couple has different ideas on the perfect wedding, from the style, music, outfits and colours schemes. But one thing that has to be absolutely perfect every single time is the wedding venue. As we begin taking viewings of Lawlor’s wedding and event spaces in 2023 we give you our predictions for the top wedding trends for 2023. 


Decor styles

Floral and Regency are both going to be big themes in 2023. 


Going big with floral décor is a fantastic way to add vibrancy and elegance to any venue. Some of our favourite ways to dress the room with flowers include using floral installations around the table plan or behind the cake table. Geo-stands can be used as table centrepieces or to create a feature around the top table. Tall table décor such as cherry blossom trees or opulent flower displays and greenery are ways to dress guest tables that are growing in popularity. The floral trend is one that is not slowing down any time soon, we predict that we’ll see more unique table designs popping up as the wedding season gets into full swing.


Inspired by the hit Netflix show, Bridgerton, the theme of Regency is taking the wedding world by storm. This trend continues to grow as couples dazzle their guests with light pastel colour coordination, regal patterns and luxe accents. The Regency trend is more 18th century London than Old Hollywood Glamour with a style that is a modern take on luxury and glamorous aesthetics. The key to this trend is not only having the right venue but also luxurious interior design, the right seating and of course, the perfect flowers. When it comes to your colour palette, consider opting for monochrome shades of white or pastel pinks, purples or blues.


Colour Trends

Hues of terracotta, copper and burnt sienna are the colours to watch out for in 2023. We’ve seen a surge in the emergence of shades of orange as an accent colour that can be brought through your wedding décor with flowers, bridesmaids dresses, centrepieces or even cocktails in your venue. A quick Pinterest search will give you so many ideas on how you can incorporate this colour into your big day.


Photography style & filters

Check your venue for unique place to get stand out photos, both indoors and outdoors. There are an abundance of unique places within Lawlor’s new event spaces that will set your photos apart from all of the others. From a glistening reclaimed golden bank door to rustic outdoor lanterns among flowers in bloom, the new interiors in Lawlor’s ooze glamour and style, the perfect backdrop for wedding photos you will treasure forever.

As for filters, from wedding chic to moody boho styles, there are hundreds of lightroom filters popping up on Etsy that are key to enhancing your wedding photos in the style that you want. Bright, fine art shots seem to be the most popular as we move into 2023 but we can’t wait to see what our couples come up with throughout the year.



Couples who want to stand out from the crowd are coming up with unique ways to personalise their wedding décor. From neon signs to pet cameos on save-the-dates and invitations, couples are looking for interesting new ways to personalise their wedding day.


Outdoor Ceremonies

Some couples are opting to skip a traditional wedding venue and have their wedding outdoors instead. Of course, this is weather dependent, but after a few years of hot summers we see a growing trend with couples asking for outdoor ceremonies. And what better place than with the backdrop of your own private landscaped garden at Lawlor’s.


Drinks Reception

Increasingly, wedding couples are really focused on what they can provide their guests to keep them entertained during the drinks reception.  This is a key period of your wedding day, and if you look after your guests at this point they will be in a great mood for the rest of the day.  For entertainment there really is a wide range of options here, from magicians, quartets playing more contemporary music, trad bands.  Alternatively, couples are providing lawn games or caricature artists for something a little different.  Food and drink are also important to consider at this time, whether it is a Gin Bar, ice-cream cart or a signature cocktail.


Our expert wedding coordinator, Stephen, would love to show you all we have to offer at Lawlor’s of Naas, a four-star deluxe wedding venue of distinction. Make sure to register your interest for our upcoming wedding showcase on Sunday 22nd January or, alternatively, book a private viewing by emailing 


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